World View

Everything in the universe is part of a single, conscious, loving divine oneness.

Some call this oneness God, Yahweh or Allah, Spirit, Atman/Brahman, Enlightenment or other names. The name does not matter: they all describe the same universal truth of Oneness.

Each one of us is a precious expression of this divine, loving consciousness.

We are all invited to practice gratitude for this gift and to trust in the perfection of our journey: we all came uniquely prepared for the mission of our lives. Whether we call this mission destiny, fate, or karma – it outlines the challenges and experiences each one of us has decided to take on. The universe is always conspiring towards our greatest good.

We distinguish two levels of consciousness in each one of us: the divine / higher dimensional and the material.

Our divine self is like the coach standing on the sideline of a football game with perspective beyond space and time. Our material self is the player on the field. Our coach does her best to get our attention to direct us. Our material self can ask for guidance, express excitement and also express exhaustion or frustration when the challenges are too overwhelming. This is what prayer is for. The communication works in both directions. The clearer we express our feelings, the quicker the divine self responds to our feedback. We are an amazing team!

As we navigate the obstacle course of life, we encounter other fellow travelers, each one equally valuable and divine. There is no hierarchy of any kind in the universe: every creature and every atom is equally deserving of respect and love.

The divine oneness speaks to all of us in the language of love. Our heart is our antenna and compass.

In it, if we can sense our love, happiness and excitement, we can trust we are on the right track. Over time we learn to distinguish this feeling from our thoughts, fears, guilt, shame, pride, duty, greed, ego or momentary passing emotions. Our divine voice is always loving, consistent and trustworthy and can be recognized that way. Our divine work here always cultivates love, health, happiness and growth for us and the world around us.

Just as we are constantly learning, growing, changing and adapting, the universal consciousness is changing with us.

We are all spiritual explorers. We have the freedom to choose to learn through love – or pain. The universe will get to us either way.

Believing in the Oneness of the universe means to not project our disowned shadow side onto some “outside” evil force (“the devil”) as many religions do. Evil doesn’t exist.

Darkness is no force in itself. It is merely the absence of light. We can shed light onto darkness. We cannot shed darkness onto light. There is no one to blame: practicing acceptance of what is provides opportunities to share and grow our light.

Compassion is an important step towards the integration of the great Oneness consciousness into the individual ego.

By identifying with the joy or pain of other life forms, the individual begins to grasp the emotional truth of Oneness.

Love and light do not become less when shared. When we connect with others and share our loving light, it expands across the universe.

It is fundamentally an unlimited resource. This light nourishes us all and helps the universe to grow healthy, happy and strong.

There is no difference between the path and the goal: only the quality of your being, the quality of your pure heart and good intention, in each moment matters.

For that reason we strive to do everything with love – or not do it at all.

Our bodies are sacred.

Healing our body heals our life and the world itself through a profound interconnection that transcends material dimensions. In this way, illnesses and injuries themselves can be a part of our divine healing and growth.

The concept of time as a linear moving force is an illusion created by humans to simplify orientation.

Through our connected consciousness that never dies, we have access to knowledge of all space-time. In our interconnected world of energy, the concept of “coincidence” is an illusion.

Our consciousness transcends material dimensions. Death is a natural return of our consciousness to the universal consciousness and is nothing to fear.

No knowledge collected by any of us lifeforms is ever lost. Physical death is the integration of the ego consciousness into the Oneness consciousness. It is a return home to where we came from.

While we are alive we must consume material to grow and thrive, but we seek to do so with love and respect, and a mindfulness of balance and fairness.

We are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. Our health and happiness is inextricably linked to the health and happiness of all of nature.

Story is a fundamental “force” of the nature of our universe that works through the underlying consciousness permeating all things.

This world view itself is a story about how and why we are here. It is designed to be consistent with our experienced reality, and be empowering, effective and hopeful. We offer this story as a seed for a loving, flourishing, vibrant and just future. There are many stories about life that are consistent with our current reality, each leading us in a different direction.

Let us choose our shared story of life mindfully, lovingly and powerfully, and be the change we wish to see, to live in and create a better world together!