Vaccines More Deadly Than Covid

After nearly 2 years of Covid, it’s high time to finally acknowledge what we have learnt.

We now know that in March 2020, images shared from China (with people dropping dead in the street) were fabricated to induce panic.  We have now learnt that the virus is only dangerous to a very narrow section of the population. We now know that there is early, successful treatment for Covid, despite Big Pharma lobbying politicians to discredit early treatments. It is also clear now that vaccinated and unvaccinated alike shed the virus equally. The vaccines do not stop nor limit the spread of Covid and thereby have disappointed expectations. It has also been thoroughly established that lockdowns have not stopped nor slowed the spread of Covid, as stated by the WTO but have instead harmed populations economically and caused increased death through lack of access to health care, through suicide, drug overdose and domestic violence. We also know now that 95% of the counted Covid deaths had an average of 4 comorbidities, resulting in true a Covid death rate smaller than the regular flu. We know that children under 18 years have a smaller chance of dying from Covid than dying by strike of lightening of from the Covid vaccines.

Knowing all this, it is hard to understand that we are facing a second winter listening to politicians insisting on the same measures that didn’t work last winter. Draconian lockdowns in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (Cypress!) and certain US states and the discriminatory politics limiting the unvaccinated in their basic human rights (right to free speech, free assembly, free travel, free choice of medical treatment) are forced onto strongly resistant populations. An entire generation of children, who are in no danger of dying from Covid, are being forced to take Covid vaccines and wear masks for 8h a day. Societies are being traumatized, people are turned against each other and kicked out of their jobs, children are being kicked out of school – all to force an ineffective and potentially harmful medication into people’s arms that does not help public health – but only generate massive profits for Big Pharma.

It is well-established that leaky vaccines cannot ever create herd immunity. Societies like Sweden who didn’t lock down reached natural immunity and have less Covid cases and deaths now.

VAERS counted so far close to 1 million adverse reactions (about 20,000 of them lethal, about 100,000 hospitalizations), higher numbers than all other previous vaccines combined.

Whistleblowers in various fields have come forward or tried to: doctors, funeral directors, coroners, scientists, nurses, statisticians and journalists have done their best to inform the populations of the falsehoods of the ongoing Covid-narrative. They have been met with aggressive ridicule, slander, unprofessional criticism and name-calling. Big Pharma who pays for 70% of TV’s advertisement budget and owns great amount of stock in mainstream media and social media platforms have censored alternative narratives to the Fauci-receipe. (see “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Covid has become politicized to a degree that every questioning of the Fauci-narrative is branded as “anti-science”. While Trump was in office, Biden and Harris stated they would not trust the vaccine, Nancy Pelosi stated “We cannot force people to accept this vaccine”. Since Biden is in office, the Democrats have changed their tunes, now implementing widespread vaccine-mandates.

It is time to learn from the lessons of past year and not repeat the same mistakes. The lockdowns have harmed and killed more people than Covid.

As a funeral director in Los Angeles, we have had one single Covid case since March 1st – a lady that died 3 days after her booster, testing Covid positive. Since June, we have seen 23 cases where mostly young men died within a week of the vaccine or booster. They were healthy individuals who were found dead in their bed with a massive nosebleed. The coroner assumed Fentanyl overdose and only offered a biopsy. The results of this biopsy will come in after 6 months. Only in 3 cases, at the insistence of the family, a full autopsy was conducted, which revealed blood clots in the lung or heads.

I have held screaming and hyperventilating parents in my arms who can’t believe their 19-year old is gone. The number of people dying after the booster is increasing exponentially. And still, there is no public outcry for autopsies of these sudden post-vaccine deaths. There is no media coverage.

A German study performed by well-established pathologists found that 30-40% of mortalities within 2 months after vaccines are actually caused by the vaccine.

As a Funeral Home, we are creating the death certificates together with the doctors, the coroner and the health department. In NONE of these death certificates is any mention of the Covid vaccine as an underlying condition. The hospitals do not report vaccine status to funeral homes, to the coroner or the health department.

We are witnessing a potentially lethal drug being mandated by our government WITHOUT any systematic follow up system to identify and record Covid-vaccine induced deaths. This is irresponsible at best. It is genocide at worst. I encourage all funeral directors, coroner offices and health departments to investigate what is going on immediately. I strongly encourage parents not to vaccinate their children until this vaccine crisis is resolved.

To the politicians and the media, who are receiving funds from Big Pharma and look the other way while spouting dangerous propaganda and pushing vaccine mandates, I say: Shame on you! You have a responsibility of vigilance and care to all humans! Do your job.