Updates from the Future

What Covid Did to Society

The numbers of Covid deaths are down, many countries and states are ending the Covid measures, while a few governments (like China) stubbornly hold on to the totalitarian control of their population. We all still live in a strange limbo, waiting and fearing – the next crisis.

So much pain, discrimination, poverty, bankruptcy and misery – so much unnecessary death as a result of wrongful or refused medical/societal measures. So many suicides, overdoses and much depression as a result of lockdowns, mandates, separated families, job losses and discrimination! It’s incredible that any of us managed to keep their mental health intact.

Currently, people content themselves with obsessing over the Ukraine conflict, resulting food-shortages and monkeypox, a temporary sideshow the Media elevated because the Covid-narrative is crumbling and they can’t ever admit they were wrong. The World Economic Forum Team (WEF) around Klaus Schwab and the Council on Foreign Relations (the unelected World Government) are feverishly working to use the Ukraine crisis to maintain and increase the already achieved population control. They will instruct our politicians and media on what to do and say.

Should they push “Vaccine passports”, or rather “Food and Gas ID Passes” (as the Conflict in Europe is already leading to shortages). Either way, they want our data at their fingertips – and the power to control our behavior and body at will. All this redirecting of attention happened on all news channels simultaneously. Hardly anyone talks about the emerging evidence of vaccine failure and severe side effects and the increased mortality rates since the vaccine rollout started. Quiet voices that dare to bring it up are disappeared, censored or discredited as “misinformation”. America established the “Disinformation Governance Board”, Newsspeak for Propaganda Ministry.

Our corporate overlords are tossing around ideas of “supply passports” during these arranged emergencies, of “carbon passports” (which links your carbon footprint to a passport, restricting your travel, etc…) and “transhumanism” including electronically “hacking humans”, microchipping us and editing our DNA. All this even surpassed old mind-control projects of the CIA.

The many attempts of population control are designed to prevent one thing: the feared and long-awaited populous uprising and righteous anger of disenfranchised peoples around the globe, as our economic/financial systems are collapsing – any time now.

Capitalism is devouring itself – and neither the WEF, Wall Street nor politicians want to be seen holding the bag (of blame) when it happens. The global cabal is designing their exit strategies, and we are not invited.

People are realizing they have been deceived and lied to about the seriousness of the “pandemic” and the effectiveness of the vaccines. When they finally turn away from their Ukraine emergency on TV, they will realize their pension funds are empty and they can’t retire – EVER. (Cynical minds claim this is why Covid was made to target older populations in the first place – so that life insurances and governments won’t have to pay for their “golden years”). Global stagflation is at hand. Inevitable and long-awaited shortages of food and gas supplies will now conveniently be blamed on Russia.

Just like the breakdown of citizen’s rights, social services and infrastructure was blamed on Covid. In truth, we are dealing with decades of failed policies and the breakdown of the “old order” – Covid and Ukraine are just convenient scapegoats.

While these are scary thoughts and it is easy to be overwhelmed by Matrix-like nightmares, there will be a better future: humans are resourceful and naturally turn towards each other, not against each other (even though our media works hard to divide us.) The current, totally corrupt elites will eventually be dethroned. New decentralized, self-governing structures will emerge. Direct democracy instead of representative democracy will eventually prevail. This might take years, until the boomer generation will finally give up control or die. Throughout this time, it will be wise to develop a trusted community, organize dissent, barter services, live off the land and share a great vegetable garden. Look at the upside: No longer will we be told by a two-party system to choose between “the lesser of two evils”. All options on how we want to live together will be back on the table.

On the downside, the disturbance to our sleepy consumer societies will be immense. Millions and maybe billions will succumb to this societal transition and we all must support each other as much as we can. We are being challenged to find humanity, kindness and love amidst fear, pain and lack. But the first step will be to help our fellow travelers realize that our governments and corporations are not to be trusted with our well-being and have no mandate nor business representing us any longer.

For that reason, it is vital that we are now starting a THOROUGH AND INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION INTO THE EVENTS OF THE PAST 2 YEARS, before the media drumbeat moves on to the next crisis. We need to create a Grand Jury or “Citizens of the World Tribunal” that hears from all sides of the Covid-experience to assess the true damage and to identify the individuals and offices that directed policies, money streams and the media. Since most countries worldwide fell into an immediate and unnatural lockstep never seen before, the assumption of a strategic master plan is in order. (A possible starting point might be “Event 201”, the global pandemic exercise of Oct 2019).

It is of utmost importance that the populations of our world team up to investigate the timelines and mechanisms of the Covid “Response Plan” that lead to worldwide catastrophe and never-before experienced overreach of governments against their populations.

It must be the goal of this tribunal to find the truth and the culprits – but mostly, to put into place a legal framework that prevents governments, bureaucrats and corporations from ever disenfranchising the world population again.

For this purpose, we suggest creating a basic Bill of Rights that will apply to ALL of humanity. Following the investigation (within a pre-determined timeline), we as humanity should vote on the implementation of the Bill of Rights, using a cell phone app, globally accessible. Adaptation requires a simple majority. This coming-together of “We, the People” will be a clear signal to our so-called “representatives” that they have lost our mandate to conduct their destructive policies in our name once and for all.

We need to rebuild our new society around principles that are sustainable for many generations to come. Predator capitalism has failed miserably. After millions of years of humanoid co-existence, it has lead to global destruction within 3 generations.

The next few years will blow over this planet like WWIII. During the previous world wars, immense changes to culture, gender relations and human rights occurred. What did not change was the capitalist owner class. This time, it shall be different. Concentration of capital and power in the hands of a few have caused tremendous suffering and must end. We envision a participatory, decentralized self-governance system that caps private property at $50 million, renders warfare illegal, prevents famine and disease while rebuilding the “Commons”. We need holistic, sustainable lifestyles and economies for ALL of us.



Vaccines More Deadly Than Covid

After nearly 2 years of Covid, it’s high time to finally acknowledge what we have learnt.

We now know that in March 2020, images shared from China (with people dropping dead in the street) were fabricated to induce panic.  We have now learnt that the virus is only dangerous to a very narrow section of the population. We now know that there is early, successful treatment for Covid, despite Big Pharma lobbying politicians to discredit early treatments. It is also clear now that vaccinated and unvaccinated alike shed the virus equally. The vaccines do not stop nor limit the spread of Covid and thereby have disappointed expectations. It has also been thoroughly established that lockdowns have not stopped nor slowed the spread of Covid, as stated by the WTO but have instead harmed populations economically and caused increased death through lack of access to health care, through suicide, drug overdose and domestic violence. We also know now that 95% of the counted Covid deaths had an average of 4 comorbidities, resulting in true a Covid death rate smaller than the regular flu. We know that children under 18 years have a smaller chance of dying from Covid than dying by strike of lightening of from the Covid vaccines.

Knowing all this, it is hard to understand that we are facing a second winter listening to politicians insisting on the same measures that didn’t work last winter. Draconian lockdowns in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (Cypress!) and certain US states and the discriminatory politics limiting the unvaccinated in their basic human rights (right to free speech, free assembly, free travel, free choice of medical treatment) are forced onto strongly resistant populations. An entire generation of children, who are in no danger of dying from Covid, are being forced to take Covid vaccines and wear masks for 8h a day. Societies are being traumatized, people are turned against each other and kicked out of their jobs, children are being kicked out of school – all to force an ineffective and potentially harmful medication into people’s arms that does not help public health – but only generate massive profits for Big Pharma.

It is well-established that leaky vaccines cannot ever create herd immunity. Societies like Sweden who didn’t lock down reached natural immunity and have less Covid cases and deaths now.

VAERS counted so far close to 1 million adverse reactions (about 20,000 of them lethal, about 100,000 hospitalizations), higher numbers than all other previous vaccines combined.

Whistleblowers in various fields have come forward or tried to: doctors, funeral directors, coroners, scientists, nurses, statisticians and journalists have done their best to inform the populations of the falsehoods of the ongoing Covid-narrative. They have been met with aggressive ridicule, slander, unprofessional criticism and name-calling. Big Pharma who pays for 70% of TV’s advertisement budget and owns great amount of stock in mainstream media and social media platforms have censored alternative narratives to the Fauci-receipe. (see “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Covid has become politicized to a degree that every questioning of the Fauci-narrative is branded as “anti-science”. While Trump was in office, Biden and Harris stated they would not trust the vaccine, Nancy Pelosi stated “We cannot force people to accept this vaccine”. Since Biden is in office, the Democrats have changed their tunes, now implementing widespread vaccine-mandates.

It is time to learn from the lessons of past year and not repeat the same mistakes. The lockdowns have harmed and killed more people than Covid.

As a funeral director in Los Angeles, we have had one single Covid case since March 1st – a lady that died 3 days after her booster, testing Covid positive. Since June, we have seen 23 cases where mostly young men died within a week of the vaccine or booster. They were healthy individuals who were found dead in their bed with a massive nosebleed. The coroner assumed Fentanyl overdose and only offered a biopsy. The results of this biopsy will come in after 6 months. Only in 3 cases, at the insistence of the family, a full autopsy was conducted, which revealed blood clots in the lung or heads.

I have held screaming and hyperventilating parents in my arms who can’t believe their 19-year old is gone. The number of people dying after the booster is increasing exponentially. And still, there is no public outcry for autopsies of these sudden post-vaccine deaths. There is no media coverage.

A German study performed by well-established pathologists found that 30-40% of mortalities within 2 months after vaccines are actually caused by the vaccine.

As a Funeral Home, we are creating the death certificates together with the doctors, the coroner and the health department. In NONE of these death certificates is any mention of the Covid vaccine as an underlying condition. The hospitals do not report vaccine status to funeral homes, to the coroner or the health department.

We are witnessing a potentially lethal drug being mandated by our government WITHOUT any systematic follow up system to identify and record Covid-vaccine induced deaths. This is irresponsible at best. It is genocide at worst. I encourage all funeral directors, coroner offices and health departments to investigate what is going on immediately. I strongly encourage parents not to vaccinate their children until this vaccine crisis is resolved.

To the politicians and the media, who are receiving funds from Big Pharma and look the other way while spouting dangerous propaganda and pushing vaccine mandates, I say: Shame on you! You have a responsibility of vigilance and care to all humans! Do your job.  


Lessons from Covid-19

By Ziri Rideaux and Brendan Miller

The spiritual and mythological lessons from Covid-19 are still unappreciated. We are confronted with the “Hero’s Journey” as described by Joseph Campbell. Other than in the Hollywood version of heroism, the mythological “hero’s journey” is about the “Dark Night of the Soul”. We are faced with seemingly overwhelming odds and come to our individual and societal breaking points, where we lose hope, abandon our dreams and can’t see a positive way forward.

In indigenous cultures, an initiation ritual is performed during adolescence to induce this breakdown of the ego. The individual realizes s/he has to surrender to nature and accept being a part of it instead of aspiring to rule and control it. Western societies have failed to offer this to us. American society as a whole has reached “grown up age” without ever encouraging a breakdown of the ego that teaches humility. Instead, men are expected to be loud-mouthed leaders and always claim to have the answers. For Western cultures, Covid-19 is the mass-induced initiation ritual into real adulthood. We need to break down to break through.

With excessive aggressiveness, Western societies have forced a male-dominated worldview onto human cultures all over the globe. Science, which is perfectly aligned with the male, reductionist and deductive perspective, is expected to answer all questions. In comparison, the female perspective focuses on the intuitive understanding of complex networks in societies and nature and allows for a wider, inclusive perspective.

By their very nature, men have been conditioned for 1000s of years to be individualists. Traditionally the hunters and warriors of the tribe went out on adventures, while women and children stayed behind. Women created complex social support systems to rear children and care for the old together, to gather, prepare and share food and services. Their natural instinct is to work together, to negotiate and share. The female idea of wealth stands in opposition to the current, male-dominated societies that create value by exclusivity and scarcity, instead of inclusivity and abundance for all.

The Covid-19 challenge has again been handled with an all-male attitude: We are being told by (male) scientists that “we are at war”. We have been ordered to “social distance” and separate from others as the only way to “fight” the virus. No efforts have been made to understand the role of the virus in our evolution. The male warrior approach wants to kill the strange and unknown. It’s the female approach to inquire and negotiate – and eventually integrate. Only a few women-governed countries like Sweden and Iceland have embraced the female approach: they have not shut down. As people are exposed to each other, they develop herd immunity. Strength in numbers, healing through mutual support. Their strategy has been successful and has not caused the trauma of separation, being locked in and scarcity.

True to their exclusive nature, the Western, male approach for how to deal with Covid-19 is only possible for a tiny segment of this world’s population: it only works for the wealthiest societies, dominated by male values of separation and control. It doesn’t work for people that live communally, in close quarters. Social distancing in India and Africa is nearly impossible.

The Covid-19 crisis is a healing crisis that encourages us to question the male approach towards governing, sharing and healing. The current “solution” has brought on loneliness and despair, panic, increased suicide numbers and poverty. The clear message is: “United we stand, Divided we fall.”

Covid-19 has been a very effective teacher to understand that our societies are only as strong as their weakest link: We learned that our health care system is only effective if EVERYONE receives equally adequate care. We learned that we have to guarantee each individual basic supplies of food and shelter. Otherwise, their physical or mental sickness will spill over, into us. We learned that we need to limit greed in the individual for the benefit of all: If the most predatory individuals hoard 100 toilet paper rolls, the rest of us will get nothing. We learned that we can act fast in a crisis – and to apply this resolve to avert global warming. 

As above so below: We learned we cannot trust the elites to distribute our wealth evenly to end suffering. They have taken the lion share of our resources for themselves in bailout money and left us with taxable $1200 checks.

The feminine wisdom knows how to intuitively and gracefully act and live in the face of uncertainty. It adjusts with lightning speed. The masculine rigid logic demands certainty in numbers that cannot be obtained quickly enough to navigate fast-changing situations. It’s always a step behind.

The Covid-19 crisis requires a turn towards a feminine-system solution. It is an invitation for men to integrate their denied female side and learn to listen to their intuition. It is an invitation for women to integrate their inner maleness so they garner the courage to speak up and finally be heard. We are faced with the same challenge bacteria faced billions of years ago: to competitively fight each other and all go extinct – or to cooperate and build multicellular organisms (like humans), egalitarian societies and sustainably live together.

The aggressiveness displayed by the male scientists, politicians, media and even FB-commentators shows: they are collectively fighting for survival. To contradict the male interpretation of the Covid-19 experience is to shake the foundation of male absolute power. We are at a watershed moment: we can emerge from this crisis as a more just, green and sharing society. We can integrate feminine wisdom, learn, grow and change. Or we can return to the old masculine status quo and the next crisis (like climate change) will wipe us out. This was an important warning shot to learn from, not an enemy to defeat.  Let’s take this opportunity and change!